A Visit to Michael Eastman

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One of the nations’ top loan originators, senior loan officer and vice president Mike Eastman has over 38 years of experience in real estate and lending. Well versed in all aspects of mortgage financing, Mike’s vast knowledge has saved clients thousands over the years. His collective years of experience make him an incredible asset to any real estate or mortgage transaction. Most recently, Mike was a vice president and senior loan officer at First Guaranty Mortgage for over 15 years. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors Real Estate, Finance and Settlement Forum. We captured his passion in order to share his story with potential clients. Below is what he told us after he saw what our team has accomplished.

“I love your work and I love working with you! I liked how easy you made the whole process and what a calming personality you put into your work. Your work is very professional, you are quick with the turnaround and so willing to make sure there is 100% satisfaction. I will recommend you to anyone and everyone.”

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